Rash Guard Sizing

We Recommend you identify your Rash Guard size based on your weight. We also include a measurement from armpit to armpit and one from the middle of the neck down to the rubber waistband. View any Rash Guard on our website to see its specific size chart and dimensions and use our size recommender

Grappling Shorts Sizing

We have many different cuts of shorts. PLEASE use the size recommender on each product page to find the appropriate size. Our waist size recommendations are nearly 100% accurate BUT if you have a uniquely long or large or muscular set of wheels, use your discretion

Read Carefully

Each one of our grappling products contains an in depth size chart right above the product description, please select the product you are looking to check for sizing and look for the red SIZE CHART link. Here you can input a few simple measurements and receive an accurate recommendation for your chosen product, IF you have any further questions or you are still unsure, message us on that product page or through a direct message on instagram